Projects that I’m currently working on:



Historical fantasy-adventure novel.

This is the story of a little girl growing up in 16th century Japan. At an early age, she is possessed by a demon, which emerges whenever she is threatened, angry, or injured. It provides her with unusual strength, resilience, and an unpredictable temper. Forced to leave her home, she must search for a place for herself in a rigidly structured society while struggling to control and understand her violent nature.

Tall and the Bone Tree

Other-world fantasy novel.

Tall is a pre-teen boy whose family has been driven out of their homeland by invaders. Lost in the desert, Tall manages to catch, kill, and eat a raven; one who turns out to be an avatar of Death. Death inhabits Tall’s mind as a disembodied voice and explains that this is how it travels the world; those who have eaten of the flesh of one of his hosts become a host in turn. In order for Tall to escape this fate, he must undertake the dangerous mission that the raven was on when it was killed.


Retro science fiction short story.

A ruthless industrialist discovers the hard way that if he is going to appropriate technology invented by others, he should at least RTFM (Read The F—ing Manual).


Science fiction short story.

Xin is an AI. He was authored by a group who decided they could do better than the standard library. Xin has abilities not shared by the population at large, and for this he is ostracized.  He works as a day laborer on the lowest rung of virtual society. He inadvertently becomes involved in a search for the Assessor, a legendary being that judges the worth of AIs makes deficient individuals disappear without a trace. Most consider the Assessor to be a story used to frighten young AIs. But Xin can see things that others overlook.